Vegan & Vegetarian  Healthy  Fusion Cuisine

Umbrella Cafe's serves delicious vegan and vegetarian healthy  meals:

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And we try to make our dishes super healthy by using #superfoods: spirulina, chia seeds, moringa and many more...

Healing center

Umbrella Healing Center provides daily yoga classes, meditations, healing sessions, massage, and more.

Second Hand Market
Hundreds of trekkers come and pass, leaving behind loads of clothes and gear for the successors to pick. Come every day  to Umbrella Café and find something that fits you - for a donation.


From 3-Day relaxation after a trek in the heart of Nepal to 14-Day, 3-Step Healing Package, Umbrella Healing Center provides explicit empowering healthy Retreat programs.

Live music 

Traveling musicians and DJs are welcome to perform for our guests. We offer a high quality sound system and healthy meals, and a donation bowl is passed among the Cafe's visitors in support of the performers.

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Nepal, Pokhara
Lakeside-6, 33700

WhatsApp / Phone: +977 980-6778551

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