Umbrella Healing Centre

2 Yoga Halls

Our Healing Center is located behind Umbrella Cafe, in a quiet place ashore the spectaculous Fewa Lake. Fresh Himalayan air adds to the healthy effect of our everyday exercises.

Umbrella Healing Center is perfect for Yoga classes, massage sessions, and other types of therapy. Groups of up to 15 people can practice together. Two spacious Yoga Halls feature semi-soft floor cover, pillows and Yoga mats. There is a hot shower, electricity and Wi-Fi.

You are always welcome to drop in everyday classes with our professional Healing Team or join one of our Retreats.

Umbrella Healing Center Video


Watch this video to get an impression of our Healing Center.

Duration: 40 s

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Nepal, Pokhara
Lakeside-6, 33700

WhatsApp / Phone: +977 980-6778551

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