7-Days Total Chillout Detox Retreat

During this detox retreat

You will have a daily yoga class with our Yoga masters, learn the elements of Thai and Swedish massage during the daily massage session, and a peaceful sound therapy with singing bowls, gongs, and other Nepali music instruments. You will try all treasures of Nepalese agriculture and all sorts of exotic activities that make Lakeside, Pokhara so famous around the Globe.

Included meals

breakfast, protein lunch, dinner, smoothies.

Supported food types:

Yogic Diet Food, Vegetarian Food, Vegan Food

Supported drink types:

Detox juices, fresh fruit shakes, smoothies, warm lemon water

Food description:

Three daily vegan (or vegetarian) meals, very healthy and tasty. The meals will also include detox green smoothies, salads, and super-foods.

Maximum people: 15
Accommodation: Double Room
Price per person: 555 USD
Reboot yourself - your body and mind


Total Chillout does not mean being passive. It means you will take care of your body, relax and recreate in new ways that will eventually give you a feeling of total refreshment. Detoxifying diet of healthy superfoods and fresh fruits, together with exotic Nepalese sports and activities and fresh air, will lift your spirits and health.

You will have a daily yoga class to stretch and relax your muscles, a sound healing therapy, lots of massage, and spectacular low-altitude mountain hiking around the Pokhara Valley.

On top of it all, to make you feel utterly relaxed and rewarded, we have included a complementary paragliding flight into this detox retreat package - free of charge!

Sample daily diet
07:00 Warm lemon water

09:30 Vegan / vegetarian breakfast buffet

(Tofu omelet, whole grain bread, Smoothie Bowls with Papaya, Pineapple, Bananas, Mango, Apples and Lichi, various Nepali cereals, grains and nuts)

12:30 Vegan / vegetarian protein lunch
(Soup of the day, Vegan Platter with hummus, fresh fruit shake, spiced fried tofu, rice, vegetable buffet)

15:30 Fresh fruit smoothie

19:00 Vegan / vegetarian dinner

(Signature Salads / Vegetable Curries / Healthy Desserts

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