3 Days Happy Trekker's Refreshment Retreat

During this massage retreat

Along the retreat, you will do yoga and make your body flexible and strong. A daily 120 min massage session, receiving Thai and Swedish massage, will refresh your muscles. You will have a peaceful sound therapy with singing bowls and gongs. And you will receive a good 90-minute foot massage - just what the trekker's feet need.

Included meals

breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks.

Supported food types:

Yogic Diet Food, Vegetarian Food, Vegan Food,

Supported drink types:

Tea, Detox juices, water

Food description:

During this retreat, you will be able to enjoy three daily vegan (or vegetarian) meals, very healthy and tasty. The meals will also include detox green smoothie bowls, salads, and super-foods in every meal.

Start: Anytime
Maximum people: 15
Accommodation: Double Room
Price per person: 210 USD
Have some rest after a good climb


Whether you are planning a trek in the Himalayas or returning to retreat in Pokhara after a week in the mountains, your body needs a sound rest. We invite you to relax and replenish your strength in a 3-Days retreat for trekkers at Umbrella Healing Center.

You will be offered nutritious superfoods, three types of massage, sound healing therapy, and unlimited fresh fruit juices to boost your vitality.

In the evening you can watch the sunset above the beautiful Nepali mountains that you're going to set a foot on - or have already conquered.

Additionally, you can order a flight on an Ultralight aircraft or a helicopter along the Annapurna Range to see the route from above.

Sample daily schedule

07:30 Hatha yoga class

09:30 Vegan / vegetarian breakfast buffet

11:00 Sound healing therapy

12:00 Free time

13:00 Vegan / vegetarian lunch

14:00 Free time

17:00 Massage session

19:00 Vegan / vegetarian dinner

20:00 Evening activity / Live music

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